In December 2015 the specialists of our company successfully implemented the project in Turkey, Karaman, factory “Slava Sut”.

Within the project the following works were carried out:

  • development of project design on construction of the factory;
  • supply of components and modernization of the Customer’s existing equipment;
  • assembly works;
  • electric wiring;
  • development of automation control system and data archiving for the film evaporator of type Wiegand-8000 and the dryer VRA-4.


Вакуум-выпарная установка пленочного типа Wiegand-8000 Сушильная установка VRA-4


After start-up and adjustment works the equipment was put in operation.

On 19.12.2015 took place the official opening of the factory.



The equipment operates in automatic mode on the microprocessors S300 by Siemens.

Data archiving is carried out on Scada system by Siemens.

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