The powdered nutritional product is produced by drying in the spray drying plants of formula of normalized whole or skim milk and buttermilk with addition of vegetable fat.

Replacement of milk fat to cheaper analogues of vegetable origin - substitutes for milk fat - allows making the product cheaper while maintaining the quality of dairy products. The advantage of vegetable fats is absence of cholesterol and high content of antioxidant - vitamin E, enrichment in essential polysaturated fatty acids.

The product is used as a substitute for whole milk powder in the manufacture of recombined liquid and condensed milk, ice cream, bakery, confectionery, curd products, processed cheese and other products.

Production technology consists of the same operations as the technology of the main types of milk powder products with an additional operation - adding components.

Operations of the technological process may be as follows:

  • Acceptance, preparation of raw product:
    • Preparation of vegetable base
    • Preparation of milk base
  • Emulsification (temperature 65 ± 50 °C, pressure 10-12 MPa)
  • Preparation of normalized formula
  • Pasteurization (85-87 °С, without ageing)
  • Condensation (42-48% of solids)
  • Homogenization (temperature 55 ± 50 °C, pressure 10-15 MPa)
  • Drying
  • Packaging, storage.


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