Milk protein concentrate - MPC – is made from skim milk using the method of ultrafiltration/diafiltration. During ultrafiltration skim milk is divided into UV-concentrate enriched with milk proteins and UV-permeate consisting of water and low molecular substances of milk - lactose, vitamins, macro- and microelements.

During diafiltration UV concentrate is diluted with prepared water and is re-directed for ultrafiltration, - as a result there is an increased protein content in the product.

Dry milk protein concentrate is obtained by drying the UV concentrate spray in the spray drying plant. The proteins in MPC are represented by protein compounds of casein and whey proteins. Casein in milk protein concentrate is present in micellar form and whey proteins - in native or denatured form.

WPC contains about 8% of ash as minerals are connected with protein and are not removed by ultrafiltration; has distinct milk taste.

The protein content in MPC can be from 40 to 85% depending on its type.

Areas of application:

  • In the production of yoghurt, sour cream, other dairy products, mayonnaise, sauces, - allows normalizing the protein products, stabilizing product quality, increasing their viscosity.
  • In the production of cheese and curd, granulated curd, -allows increasing the output of cheese and curd by 5-25%, improving their taste, texture, reducing the consumption of milk-clotting enzyme and the loss of raw product.

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