Demineralized whey powder is the product obtained by drying cheese, curd or casein whey from which previously all minerals are removed. The grade of demineralization may be from 30 to 90%; it may be carried out by means of ion exchange, electro dialysis or nanofiltration. In case of using just the nanofiltration plant the whey is partially demineralized; the grade of demineralization is 30-35%.

Demineralized whey powder is used in the composition of milk products as an alternative to skim milk powder in order to enrich with protein and lactose, allows reducing the production cost of finished products, is used in the production of meat products, confectionery, bakery production and as the basis for breast milk substitutes.

In the process of demineralization of whey its titratable acidity decreases and the content of nitrogenous substances as the result of reducing the content of organic acids and acid salts, amino acids, urea and ash; the solubility of whey and its sweetness increases as well as organoleptic properties. Curd and casein whey are suitable for use in food applications.


The main process steps of the demineralized whey powder production:

  • raw product receiving;
  • removal of the casein dust and fat;
  • heat treatment;
  • precondensing up to 18-24% solids (nanofiltration or reverse osmosis plant);
  • demineralization to predetermined values (50,70,90%);
  • completing concentration in a vacuum evaporator up to 46-55% solids;
  • cooling and crystallization;
  • drying;
  • packaging, storage.


Benefits of electro dialysis:

  • the possibility of processing all types of whey;
  • improving Vacuum evaporator operation by removing Ca salts;
  • improving the process of crystallization, drying and storage of the product;
  • expanding the scope of product applications;
  • obtaining of a product with a given composition and properties: acidity, high solubility, low hygroscopicity, high protein content, improved organoleptic properties, content of minerals.


Process scheme of production of demineralized whey with use the membrane plant and electro dialysis.

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