Condensed sterilized (evaporated) canned milk is made from condensed whole or skim milk or from cream without condensation that is followed by sterilization in the container.

Milk with high thermal resistance is used to obtain the sterilized canned milk. Milk thermal resistance is characterized by the corresponding ratio of salts of calcium, magnesium, casein and phosphoric acids. If the salt balance is disturbed, then it is reduced by adding stabilizer salts (tri-sodium citrate, etc.). To achieve the effect of sterilization, pre-heated and packed in cans No. 7 condensed mixture is sterilized in hydrostatic sterilizers at temperature 116-117 °C being aged 15-17 min.

Sterilized condensed and concentrated milk is characterized by a sweetish-saline taste that is characteristic to baked milk and by cream shade. The product is viscous, milk fat is distributed evenly.

Condensed sterilized canned milk has increased resistance. It is stored at air relative humidity in 85% and at temperature from 0 to 10 °C during a year.

The main reasons for the decline in the quality of condensed sterilized milk can be low quality of tin containers (leak resistance) and the secondary contamination by microorganisms.

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