Recombined sweetened condensed milk is produced only in accordance with Technical specification.

The use of dry dairy feed product and vegetable fats in the production of sweetened condensed milk solves the problem of shortage of dairy feed products and reducing the production cost of the product, products diversification, improvement of quality and production of inexpensive, healthy food.

Skim and whole milk powder, sugar sand, vegetable fats and oils, special mixtures, water, lactose are used as feed products in the production of recombined canned milk.

Basic process operations:

  • Acceptance and preparation of feed product.
  • Reduction of skim milk powder. The calculated mass of milk powder is dissolved in drinking water of 45-50°C, filtered, cooled to 5-8°C, aged for 2-3 hours for swelling of proteins, improving consistency.
  • Melting fats. Fats are melted to creamy consistency and are added to the reduced mixture.
  • The calculated mass of sugar sand is added to the reduced mixture.
  • The preparation of the mixture, stirring.
  • Pasteurization (90-95°C without aging).
  • Cooling and crystallization. Cooling with constant stirring to 30°C, addition of seed (dry fine crystalline lactose with crystal size of 2-3 microns) of 0.02% for intensification of crystallization and formation of small crystals of lactose. After-cooling to 20°C.
  • Packing.
  • Product storage: at 0-10°C and relative humidity not more than 75% - not longer than 12 months in the consumer packaging, in transport packaging – not longer than 6 months. 

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