Concentrating of milk whey is advisable to increase the storage period, reduce transportation costs and give new technological properties to whey concentrate. Promising is the concentration of whey at the enterprises of small and medium power before it is transported to the specialized factories or shops that have required plants and resources for its processing.

Milk whey concentrate is produced from cheese or curd whey can be used in the production of dairy products, confectionery, bakery industry, meat processing, for feed purposes.

The principal operations of production of whey concentrate:

  • Receiving raw product, accounting and cooling.
  • Cleaning from casein dust (vibroseparator).
  • Removal of fat (cream separator).
  • Heat treatment depending on the type of whey (pasteurizing and cooling unit).
  • Concentrating on reverse osmosis or nanofiltration plant.
  • Cooling.
  • Storage, shipping.

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