The raw product for the production of demineralized whey is milk whey obtained from the production of cheese, curd and casein. Especially the demineralization is required to curd and casein whey as because of the increased mineral content and high acidity its use in food production is limited. Demineralization is a basic operation of whey processing in order to use it for food purposes. 

Technology of production of demineralized whey concentrate is based on the removal of ash from natural whey at the electrodialysis unit. Partially demineralized whey is obtained by concentrating it on the nanofiltration plant. The level of demineralization reaches 30-35%.

Demineralized whey is widely used in the production of baby foods, processed cheese, confectionery, bakery products and ice cream.

The level of demineralization can be 50-70-90%.

The principal operations of production of demineralized whey concentrate:

  • Acceptance, preparation of raw product
  • Removal of the casein dust and fat
  • Pasteurization and cooling
  • Concentrating on reverse osmosis or Nanofiltration plant
  • Electrodialysis
  • Cooling, storage


Demineralized whey concentrate is stored at the temperature 4 ± 1 °C not longer than 72 hours after production.

At level of demineralization in 50% mass fraction of ash to solids - no more than 4%; at level of demineralization in 90% mass fraction of ash to solids - less than 1%.

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