Beet piler “Complex 65М2B3-K” consists of transport and clearing units and packing unit as well and platforms that are used for unloading motor vehicles. It has two unloading platforms that are located on either side of the central conveyor and are used to unload drop-side trucks and articulated lorries (side platform) and to unload drop-side trucks, semi-trailers and dump trucks (longitudinal platform), which operate alternatively. Our company started to produce this type of beet piler in series in 1980. The first pilers of this modification were equipped with side and longitudinal tipping platforms with load capacity of 18 tons and 30 tons respectively and also had short packing conveyor (length 15m). Over time, the requirements of engineers of sugar plants changed and the specified piler has undergone many changes and improvements.

Currently commercial beet piler “Complex 65М2B3-K” is equipped with the longitudinal tipping platform for unloading of drop-side trucks, dump trucks and semi-trailers with gross weight in 60 t and side tipping platform for unloading of drop-side trucks and trucks with trailers with weight up to 30 t.

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Stackers are designed for transportation of bags with bulk cargoes to the place of packing in piles or the place of loading to other motor vehicles (trucks, rail cars, etc.). It consists of a self-propelled truck with special slewing ring, three-section reversible conveyer system and hydraulic cylinders for lifting boom and fixing truck. Stackers operate at the plants and warehouses with platforms with hard-surfaced pavement and with slope of not more than 1º. The ends of the conveyor line can be moved in the vertical plane: the rear one in the range from 0.3 m to 2.5 m from floor, the front one - from 1.3 m to 9.0 m (7,2 m for SH1-PSHA).

During stacking supply of bags to stacker is possible with height of 310 mm from the floor. 

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