Area of ​​ACTIVITY PrJSC "KALINOVSKIY MACHINE BUILDING PLANT" focuses on the supply and installation of equipment for the food processing industry. The company realizes complex projects - technological solutions, selection, design, manufacturing, automation, supply, installation and electrical equipment, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service.

Our VISION: work for you and improve together every day.
Our MISSION: through TRUST and PARTNERSHIP with our colleagues always find and implement the right decisions that will contribute to achieving the goals B2B processes.
  • to introduce innovative technologies and solutions;
  • to expand and find new markets for our products;
  • produce high-quality equipment and services.


We are SOCIAL OBLIGATIONS and participate in social and economic development of the region, in whose territory the plant is located. The company participates in providing employees with medical and other forms of financial assistance.

The workshops of the machine building plant are located in the center of Kalynivka, Vinnitsa region, Podolia.

The plant was founded on the basis of the artisanal workshops of the former sugar factory built in 1873 by the owner of the Kalinovskiy estate Ludwig Valkoviy and shareholders brothers Zaytsev and L.F. Frankel.

After having decided in 1934 it to be inexpedient to commission the inactive sugar factory, the machine-tractor workshop was founded on its basis, the staff of which were engaged in repair and manufacturing of equipment for sugar factories, repair of tractors, seed drills, grinders, plows and other agricultural machines.

The pre-war period of the staff work is characterized by a rise in work experience. The workers studied, mastered new equipment, professional workers trained the young ones. In order to assist in the development of collective farms, the villages around the town Salnik, Pavlovka, Kurovoe, Medvedka were assigned to the workshops. The community center had a library, amateur-talent interest groups.

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