• We provide services on assembly and disassembly of equipment and processing lines for the dairy industry. We use the best modern tools and equipment for assembly works.
  • We carry out the assembly of dairy equipment of any complexity, installation of all-round lines for the processing of milk and whey. The works are carried out in accordance with the project of production, with the standards of the construction of production facilities, with choice of the best location of f equipment in the shop taking into account the supply pipelines, ways of supplying of the required materials as well as sites for packaging and transportation of the finished products.
  • To ensure the efficiency of the installed systems operation the supervision works carried out during electrical works: consulting of customer’s staff by our specialist, validation of the assembly and commissioning works at start-up that give the right to the warranty and can reduce time for systems implementation.
  • Carry out training how to use the equipment in a proper way that guarantees a proper quality of the products.

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