Normalization module is a device designed to monitor and control in the flow of the fat content in milk or cream feeding from the cream separator.

The operating principle lies in mixing in the flow normalized milk and normalizing product (skim milk or cream) that leave the cream separator and are pumped in a certain ratio of their volumes and the determination of the mass fraction of fat in the normalized milk with the use of measuring and computing method of monitoring parameter with regulating the normalizing product flow in order to obtain at the output normalized milk or formula of the set fat content and remove the excess of cream.

The plant is a fixed module construction that may consists of:

  • Circuit of normalized milk and normalized cream;
  • Circuit of skim milk;
  • Circuit of normalized milk;
  • Control switchboard.


The main functions of the module:

  • automatic adjustment in the flow of the mass fraction of fat of normalized milk and cream
  • control of the mass fraction of fat in normalized, normalizing, skim milk and cream
  • control of consumptions and volume of products
  • record of fat content in normalized milk and cream.


Benefits of using this plant:

  • accurate normalization in the flow
  • homogeneity and stability of product quality
  • full automation of operation, the possibility of CIP-cleaning
  • continuous monitoring and recording of output and product composition
  • reduction of time of primary processing of milk, the possibility to connect to the scheme pasteurization.


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