Automatic in-place cleaning stations KMZ-STsM are made for factories of dairy and beverage industries with different capacities and design features depending on the wishes and preferences of a customer.

The advantages of using CIP station:

  • possibility of multiple use of cleaning solutions;
  • possibility to collect rinse water;
  • maintenance of predetermined concentration, temperature of cleaning solutions as well as processing time in the automatic mode;
  • built-in function of cleaning solutions guidance;
  • automatic and manual modes;
  • individual cleaning programs for different objects;
  • feedback from objects of cleaning;
  • possibility of modernization - adding additional circuits and cleaning options;
  • neutralization of cleaning solutions;
  • cost-effective steam consumption by heat recovery system;
  • minimal influence of the human factor;
  • cost-effective consumption of detergents via controlling conductivity at displacing detergents and water from the cleaning circuits;
  • cost-effectiveness (low consumption of water, electricity and steam at high quality cleaning);
  • reliability and easiness of use;
  • complete automation and computer-controlled parameters.


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CIP-Station for in-place automatic cleaning of spray drying plants are designed for cleaning in-place in an automatic mode of the spray drying plants of domestic origin (Ukraine) A1-ORCH, A1-OR2CH and of foreign origin (Slovakia) RS1000, RSM500, VRA4.

For cleaning drying plants there are used the orbital spray heads, telescopic nozzles and microspinners. Cleaning may be carried out by mounting CIP station as an autonomous part of the drying plant with the output of control to the controller of the drying plant or as a part of common CIP station, for example, SMP shop.

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