We produce heating equipment including pasteurizing and cooling plants POU-KMZ on basis of heat exchangers, centrifugal pumps, valves made by the worldwide leaders in this industry such as AlfaLaval, APV, GEA, Inoxpa and others.

Design and manufacture of the POU-KMZ meets the requirements of EU Directive №92 / 46 / EU

The calculation and choice of heat exchangers, pump and other components are made by means of specialized programs by experienced specialists of the company under the control of the company AlfaLaval.

The program of the heat exchanger calculation allows choosing the required size, number and type of plates, defining the inputs and outputs of the product, hot water and ice-water.

Depending on the set resistance of the heat exchanger pumps are selected considering the need to support the high pressure after the section of pasteurization.

Typical solutions and objectives:

  • Plate coolers of milk, whey, cream;
  • pasteurizing and cooling plant for milk, whey, cream;
  • plants for thermization;
  • repasteurizer;
  • heat recovery systems;






All equipment of pasteurizing plant is assembled on a common frame. On request the plant can be completed with a stand-alone automated cleaning station consisting of dosing pumps, probes and injection valves. Cleaning is performed automatically by pressing the button "WASHING" ​​on readiness of the pasteurizer to it.

At the design the following conditions are met:

  • Recovery factor - not less than 91%;
  • The temperature difference between hot water and the product in the pasteurization section no more than 1 degree C;
  • Entering of the raw product into the pasteurized product is eliminated by an additional pump;
  • Control and automation system is based on the controller and peripherals of Siemens;
  • The pressure reducing valve is mounted at the outlet to prevent pressure drop;
  • If necessary the product can be delivered with different temperatures (34-990С);
  • For recording operation parameters of the plant the paperless recorder is used;
  • a series of capacity m3 / h: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or another capacity is possible on request;


Managing the process of pasteurization is carried out on the basis of the controller Siemens. The automation system allows supporting the set temperature of pasteurization with deviation not more than 0.3 ° C. The product the temperature of which at the output of the pasteurization section is below the set one returns for re-pasteurization.

The plate heat exchanger has sections in which the following processes occur: pasteurization (heating of the product to the pasteurization temperature), cooling by water, cooling by brine or ice water, heat recovery (heat exchange between the hot and cold products), a section of the second heating (for areas WMP or before feeding milk into cheese vats (boilers).


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