Stackers are designed for transportation of bags with bulk cargoes to the place of packing in piles or the place of loading to other motor vehicles (trucks, rail cars, etc.). It consists of a self-propelled truck with special slewing ring, three-section reversible conveyer system and hydraulic cylinders for lifting boom and fixing truck. Stackers operate at the plants and warehouses with platforms with hard-surfaced pavement and with slope of not more than 1º. The ends of the conveyor line can be moved in the vertical plane: the rear one in the range from 0.3 m to 2.5 m from floor, the front one - from 1.3 m to 9.0 m (7,2 m for SH1-PSHA).

During stacking supply of bags to stacker is possible with height of 310 mm from the floor. 

Штабелеукладчик Ш1-ПША-М Штабелеукладчик Ш1-ПША-М


SH1-PSHA (М). Main technical characteristics.
Parameter SH1-PSHA SH1-PSHA-M
Capacity, t/hour 50 50
Stacking height, max., m 7,2 9
Angle of tilt of conveyors, max., degree 45 45
Operating pressure in hydraulic pressure, not more than, MPa (kg/cm2) 12,5 (125) 12,5 (125)
Travel speed of stacker, m/s 0,19±0,01 0,19±0,01
Installed power capacity of motor, kW 9,2 11
Overall dimensions, not more than, m    
length with conveyors in horizontal position 11,72 13,30
width 1,65 2,10
height 2,72 2,72
Weight of stacker, not more than, t 5,0 5,9



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