Feature of flow-mechanized lines for mixed rye-wheat breads is the absence of intermediate proofer; rounding of the dough pieces is carried out not on the conical rounders, but on the belt V-shaped rounders. As a rule, in the final proofer there are used trays with “baskets” (forms) for round or oval bread. Characteristics of the tunnel ovens A2-KHPK allow the use of technological line for the production of mixed rye-wheat breads as a universal line for baking wheat bread. Flow-mechanized lines can be supplied on “turnkey basis” as well as separate units of the equipment.

Equipment of the line provides performing of the following production operations:

  • preparation of starter;
  • preparation of dough;
  • proofing;
  • panning or packaging.
  • fermenting out of starter;
  • dough making up;
  • baking.


Capacity of the oven (kg/h) for white hearth bread from the mixture of wheat flour of top and first grades – 600–1200.

h19 h20

Схема поточно-механизированной линии по производству ржано-пшеничных подовых сортов хлеба

The line consists of:

  1. Doser of liquid components;
  2. Flour doser;
  3. Agitator for making starter;
  4. Pumps;
  5. Tank for fermenting out of starter;
  6. Starter supply tank;
  7. Tank for starter recovery;
  8. Dough-making machine with moveable bowl;
  9. Bowl lifter;
  10. Dough dividing machine;
  11. Dough forming machine;
  12. Oven loader;
  13. Proofer;
  14. Cutter;
  15. Oven А2-KHPK with steam generator and heat recovery units;
  16. Oven damper;
  17. Conveyor for finished products;
  18. Circulation table;
  19. Packaging machine.


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