The homogenizer is a high pressure multiplunger pump with homogenizing head, with one or two series-connected stages.

In the dairy industry homogenization is used for the production of milk and cream of long-term storage, fermented dairy products, condensed milk, whole milk powder, ice cream, butter.

During the homogenization process fat globules fall into smaller fractions that promotes uniform fat distribution, homogeneity and increased viscosity – the product acquires resistance to settling of fat and oxidation, improves its consistency.

The main assembly units of the homogenizer: pump, homogenizing head, safety valve, pressure regulator, pressure gauge, protective cover.

During homogenization the product under high pressure with high velocity goes through the homogenizing head that is two stage-gaps connected by the channel. The pressure is adjusted by turning the screws, changing the size of the gap. The pressure of homogenization determines the degree of breakdown of particles and is a key parameter in determining the efficiency of the process.

At the first stage the process of homogenization takes place, at the second - the breakdown of agglomerated fat globules formed after the first stage.

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