Meter station is designed for commercial accounting of the shipped or received raw materials (milk, whey or other food products) as well as interdepartmental accounting of liquid food products.

Unit for liquid transmission may include a pump assembly, filtering equipment, flow meter.

There are units designed only for accounting and cleaning liquid - liquid transportation is not carried out as there is no pumping equipment.

Station of acceptance and registration is performed as a module on the mounting frame of which are mounted: a centrifugal pump, filter, flow meter, valve system, air separating tank, automatic control unit. Additionally it is possible to supply a set of software and remote control, express analyzer of dairy products.

Possible measurements:

  • liquid volume;
  • volume flow and performance;
  • temperature of the fluid in the flow.


Possible functions:

  • pre-filtration of the liquid;
  • dosing;
  • manual capacity control;
  • measurement of volume, flow rate, mass of liquids with high precision;
  • control of pressure and temperature of the liquid;
  • automatic blocking of pump starting when the liquid is absent;
  • automatic shutdown of the pump when the liquid is absent;
  • the possibility of CIP cleaning of equipment;
  • automatic detection of pipe emptiness;
  • the possibility of parameters statics of the measured liquid;
  • the possibility to connect the unit to a PC;
  • the possibility to control the process of receiving from computer or remote control.


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