Sweet rusks contain significant quantities of fat and sugar, so the fermentation process of dough semi-finished products and proofing of dough pieces for rusks require more time. After forming and panning in tray of the final proofer the dough pieces for rusks are subjected to proofing. Loading in the hearth of tunnel oven takes place in automatic mode using the transfer conveyor. Baking of dough pieces for rusks is made without steam humidification at low temperatures. Holding of biscuit plates in the cooling chamber is necessary to increase the rigidity and plasticity of their structure that provides the minimum amount of waste and scrap during cutting. Flow-mechanized line on the one oven has 3 shifts: 1st shift – baking of biscuit plates, 2nd and 3rd shifts – drying rusks. Thus, the cooling chamber performs the functions of the storage tank, and the oven is readjusted into two different modes – baking and drying.

Drying of sweet rusks is only possible in the bakery ovens, as a radiant component of heat transfer provides the necessary according to standards color of the sides of the biscuit. High-productive line for sweet rusks is completed with two ovens: one for baking rusks, the second for drying rusks. For the agreed operation of line the hearth area of the second oven should be twice as large. After cutting into slices the semi-finished product is laid in the hearth on the side with help of the mechanism for layout. After drying, the rusks are cooled (stabilized) on the conveyor belt and packaged.

The line is designed for production of rusks. Equipment of the line provides performing of the following production operations:

  • preparing sponge dough;
  • dough dividing;
  • baking plates;
  • cutting plates;
  • cooling of rusks;
  • preparing dough;
  • proofing of biscuit plates;
  • holding of plates;
  • drying of slices;
  • packaging.


Capacity of the oven (kg/h) for rusks – 400

Линия по производству сухарных изделий  

The line consists of:

  1. Doser of liquid components;
  2. Flour doser;
  3. Dough-making spiral machine;
  4. Moveable non-rotating bowl;
  5. Loader of biscuit plates А2-KHKS-25;
  6. Proofer;
  7. Oven А2-KHPK-25.60;
  8. Racks for holding;
  9. Cutting machine;
  10. Oven А2-KHPK-50S for drying rusks;
  11. Conveyor for cooling;
  12. Packaging machine.

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