We offer designing and supply of dairy factories, workshops, production lines on turnkey basis of different capacities for processing of cow, goat, sheep, camel milk and different types of whey.

We carry out reconstruction of the existing dairy factories, workshops - with making a preliminary examination of the existing equipment.

Works are performed according to Customer individual requirements depending on the type, quantity and quality of feed product, the desired range of products, the requirements to quality of the final product.

Development of projects is carried out with taking into account the use of the latest technical and technological achievements in the field of processing of milk and dairy feed product. The preference is given to technologies that have low power consumption and allow making the most advanced waste-free processing of feed products that can result in high profitability of production.

Milestones in the supply of dairy factory on turnkey basis:

  • Analysis of Customer's initial data
  • Process design
  • Calculation and selection of equipment
  • Development of process layouts of production
  • Development of process lines for processing and output of products
  • Design of new facilities or reconstruction of the existing ones
  • Development of equipment layout and its binding
  • Initial project preparation
  • Delivery of equipment
  • Delivery to the installation site
  • Installation, assembling works, connection to engineering media and commissioning of the equipment
  • Training of Customer staff how to work with the equipment
  • Start-up
  • Warranty, post-warranty and service maintenance.


The factory includes the complete set of equipment for the processing and storage of milk – from acceptance to packaging of final product, all necessary auxiliary equipment and accessories: compressors, boilers, pumps, filters, auxiliary tanks, dairy pipes and valves, power utilities, control devices.

All dairy equipment used in the project - the main plants and units, tanks, pipelines for product and etc. – are made according to the advanced technologies and standards of high quality modern materials allowed for use in the food industry.

The set of lines can include the following equipment:

  • equipment for acceptance and cooling of milk;
  • pasteurization systems of different types (plate, tubular;)
  • separators of different types and for different purposes;
  • homogenizers;
  • tanks;
  • membrane equipment for different purposes (concentration, fractionation, desalting, etc.);
  • equipment for condensation – evaporators of different types;
  • crystallizers for lactose;
  • spray drying plants;
  • equipment for packing;
  • automatic CIP-station;
  • various accessories and equipment (compressors, boilers, pumps, filters, auxiliary tanks, power utilities, dairy pipes and valves).


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