The electrified beet piler SH1-PSM is a solution that allows you to significantly save on fuel and spare parts. This type of beet piler consists of transport-cleaning and stacking units, and platforms for unloading vehicles. It is equipped with two unloading platforms located on both sides of the central conveyor: for unloading drop-side trucks and trucks with trailers (side platform) and unloading drop-side trucks, semi-trailers and dump trucks (longitudinal platform), which work alternately. This type of beet piler began to be mass-produced by our company relatively recently and has become very popular with customers in Turkey and Belarus. Pilers of this modification were previously equipped with side and longitudinal tipping platforms with lifting capacity of 22 tons and 40 tons only respectively; over time, the design was changed and this piler got platforms of higher performance in terms of lifting capacity.

In recent years, the standard beet piler Sh1-PSM has been equipped with a longitudinal tipping platform for unloading drop-side trucks, dump trucks and semi-trailers with a gross weight of 60 tons and a side tipping platform for unloading drop-side trucks and trucks with trailers weighing up to 30 tons.

The key parameters of this beet piler include its capacity that is achieved due to a wider main conveyor, its width that is 1200 mm and a stacking conveyor with a width of 800 mm. The beet piler is moved by a two-axis geared trolley consisting of 2 gearboxes, which are driven by an electric motor with a power of 30 kW.

Also, the advantages include versatility, i.e. the ability to unload almost any vehicle, cost-effectiveness, small overall dimensions, a rather long stacking conveyor that allows you to stack large beet piles, the possibility of operation at factory and peripheral electrified beet receiving points.

Our company is always ready to meet our customers’ requirements and at their request we can make certain changes both in the design of the platforms and in the design of the beet piler, without changing the main purpose - unloading, cleaning, and stacking beets in piles.

The disadvantages of this model include a more complicated move from one site to another.


SH1-PSM. Main technical characteristics
Parameter SH1-PSM
1. Capacity, t/hour 160
2. Lifting capacity of platforms,   
  longitudinal 60.0
  side 30.0
3. Length of tipping platforms, m  
  longitudinal 14,5
  side 6,0
4. Angle of platform elevation, degree 45
5. Piler overall dimensions, m  
  length 41.0
  height 5.5
  width 12.5
6. Weight, t 60
7. Stacking conveyor length, m 19.0
8. Minimum height of the piling conveyor lowering, m 0.7
9. Angle of rotation of the piling conveyor, degree  
  to the right 60
  to the left 60
10. Dimensions of formed beet pile, m  
  height 7.5
  width at the bottom 35.0
11. Percent of beet cleaning (at the degree of dirt not more than 10% in dry weather, %) 35.0
12. Power demand, kW, not more 60
13. Power consumption, kW*h/t of beet 0.3
14. Beet damage rate, % 8.0
15. Delivery time, days 180


Schematic representation of the beet piler SH1-PSM.

shema SH1PSM eng



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