Tanks are designed for carrying out processing operations on processing liquid foodstuff such as storage, normalization, heating, souring, maturing, mixing, emulsions and other.

These tanks are usually made from corrosion-resistant steel.

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Tanks depending on their destination can be of horizontal or vertical design, single-walled or insulated, with flat, conical or spherical bottom, for placing in the room or outside, with different capacity.

Tanks can be equipped with the following elements:

  • Agitators of frame, anchor bladed or propeller type
  • Spray heads and manholes for the possibility of sanitary cleaning
  • Sight glasses
  • Samplers for laboratory testing of product
  • Devices for monitoring temperature, filling point, weight,
  • Overflow pipe
  • Measuring tube, measuring ruler
  • Adjustable feet
  • Systems for heating or cooling the liquid in the tank.


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