Membrane Filtration is liquid separation process using the membrane at the molecular and ionic levels into two streams - the retentate (concentrate) and permeate (filtrate), the particle size of the concentrate may be less than 10 microns.

The use of this equipment allows solving the following issues:

  • concentration of milk and whey;
  • separation of milk and whey by fractions;
  • cleaning of brine solution;
  • extraction of the protein components;
  • standardization of protein.


Installation of membrane filtration.
Installation of membrane filtration Installation of membrane filtration


In the dairy industry membrane filtration plants are most widely used in the processing of whey.

Based on the diameter of captured particles and depending on the density of the membrane there are four types of membrane processes.

  • Microfiltration – extraction of particle with size from 0.05 to 10 microns (bacteria, milk fat globules, casein micelles). It is used to regulate the content of casein in milk or to remove microorganisms. Permeate is an "ideal whey" in which retained the native properties of whey proteins (whey is not exposed to thermal action, contains no preserving agents or additives), it is a high quality raw material for WPC.


  • Ultrafiltration - the particle size of 0.001 microns (molecules of whey casein and albumin). It is used mainly for the production of whey protein concentrate (WPC) with protein content in dry substance 34-85% and also for standardization protein content at the production of yogurt, milk powder, cheese. Using this technology allows to save raw materials, yeast, electricity, steam.


  • Nanofiltration - particle with diameter from 0.0005 to 0.001 microns (molecules of amino acids and lactose).Along with concentration partial demineralization of the retentate is also achieved that facilitates further processing of salt and acid whey (curd and casein) and allows improving the quality of the final product.


  • Reverse Osmosis - particle size less than 0.0005 micron. Used for preconcentration of milk and whey prior to condensing in evaporator, significantly reduces power consumption, time and evaporator performance, costs on transportation of milk and whey if necessary.


Reverse osmosis plant Reverse osmosis plant


The permeate is the process water that can be used for technological purposes - cleaning equipment, rooms and other.

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