CIP-Station for in-place automatic cleaning of spray drying plants are designed for cleaning in-place in an automatic mode of the spray drying plants of domestic origin (Ukraine) A1-ORCH, A1-OR2CH and of foreign origin (Slovakia) RS1000, RSM500, VRA4.

For cleaning drying plants there are used the orbital spray heads, telescopic nozzles and microspinners. Cleaning may be carried out by mounting CIP station as an autonomous part of the drying plant with the output of control to the controller of the drying plant or as a part of common CIP station, for example, SMP shop.

cip1 Peculiarities of use:

  • the possibility of cleaning with water of the set temperature as well as with caustic or acid solution
  • the drying plant is divided into zones considering the characteristics of each zone cleaning
  • the choice of spray heads and nozzles shall be based on the design features of the drying plant
  • control of the process of the drying plant cleaning is carried out in an automatic mode with the possibility to change the parameters of cleaning and to carry out re-cleaning of separate units


The benefits of using CIP for cleaning of the drying plants:

  • significant reducing of cleaning time (90 minutes)
  • simplifying of the cleaning process
  • improved microbiological indicators and group of purity of the finished product
  • reduction of consumption of energy, water, detergents and disinfectants
  • possibility to treat less accessible areas of the drying plant with detergents and disinfectants.



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