Segregation (sorting) station for household solid waste is designed for receiving, transporting and sorting household solid waste.

Description of the technological process.

Household solid wastes (HSW) are delivered by trucks to a storage area of the sorting station. After unloading HSW, a worker opens with special tool plastic bags, in which main part of HSW is packed. As household solid waste is accumulated, a tractor loads it by clamshell bucket into a hopper, from which waste is delivered by feed conveyor to a vibrating screen. The vibrating screen separates organic waste of small fraction and delivers it into the hopper and further into an output conveyor, which transports it to the tractor trailer. When the trailer is filled, the tractor drives and unloads it in the designated areas (landfills).


Состав станции сегрегации

Components of the station: 1 - Hopper; 2 - Feed conveyor; 3 - Vibrating screen with hopper;

4 – Output conveyor; 5 - Sorting conveyor; 6 – Sorting cab


Waste that is not separated by the screen is transported to the sorting conveyor, which transports it through special premises. In this premises there are sorting operators that select each type of waste (paper, polyethylene, PET-bottles by color (clear, blue, color), rags, PVC, glass). Sorted waste is thrown in wheeled carts for transportation of recoverable materials, which as soon as are filled, are transported to the presses where waste is pressed into packs. Presses as well as sorting operators, specialize in different types of waste. At each sorting station there are 6 presses and 14 collecting carts. Waste that is not sorted (and mostly it is waste of large fractions) is transported by the conveyor further and is served to the tractor trailer, which when is filled, is unloaded at the landfill.


Segregation station. Technical characteristics.
Capacity, cubic meter/shift 50-200
Installed power capacity, kW at 380V/50 Hz 26
Staff, persons 6-12
Overall dimensions, m  
length 30,8
width 13
height 7
Weight, kg, not more than 25000
Capacity adjustment without stages


Diagram of area for pressing recoverable materials.

Схема участка прессования вторичного сырья

Components of area: 1 - Premises; 2 - Press UPB-6; 3 – Carts for transportation of recoverable materials;

4 – Packs with recoverable materials; 5 – Overhead-travelling crane for transportation packs.


Sorting room has lighting, ventilation and heating. The pressing equipment and packs of compacted wastes are covered by shed.

Warranty period of operation is 12 months from the date of installation or 18 months from the date of sale.

Service life is not less than 15 years.

Below there are few pictures of the sorting station located in Kalinovsky district. Although the station itself is still under construction but visual information on this station can be seen now.




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