The unit is designed for bacterial and mechanical cleaning of milk that reduces its overall bacterial contamination in 8-9 times and removes 95-98% spores.

Bactofugation is an important addition to the process of pasteurization and sterilization. Purification efficiency is measured by percents of separated microflora and depends on the type of microorganisms present, performance, temperature and pressure at the outlet of the product, frequency of the bactofuge discharge. The highest degree of purification is at the separation of anaerobic spore-forming bacteria.

Benefits of using:

  • improves the quality of dairy products
  • obtaining of natural taste of dairy products
  • significantly increases the period of storage of dairy products
  • prevents late ripening and gassiness of cheese
  • allows producing milk powder that meets the requirements of EU standards.



  • inclusion of bactofuge to the section of acceptance of raw milk
  • the use as a part of pasteurizing and cooling plant
  • programming operation and cleaning cycles
  • electronic display for visualization of operation time, productivity, cleaning time
  • automation of operation control process
  • possibility of automatic in-place cleaning (prevents loss of milk and reduces maintenance time)
  • sediment discharge control in automatic and manual modes
  • discharge time and discharge time intervals are programmable depending on characteristics of the processed product
  • use of baktofugat recirculation system
  • use of milk recirculation system at actuating discharging device
  • use of baktofugat discharge system.

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