In conditions of the economic crisis and limited financing, the purchase of new equipment is not always possible.

When the equipment cannot perform its tasks due to its deterioration or for other reasons and there are no funds for its replacement, it is possible to make its renovation at the expense of overhaul maintenance. These works are quite effective and cost-effective in comparison with the purchase of new equipment.

We perform minor, medium and overhaul maintenance of any complexity of the equipment for the dairy industry including: dryers, evaporators, CIP stations, equipment for heat treatment, coolers, pasteurization and cooling plants, etc.

If necessary, we perform disassembly and assembly of the equipment.

Work on renovation of the equipment:

  • Repair and modernization of mechanical part of the equipment.
  • Replacement/repair of electrical power part and automation systems.
  • Replacement/repair of parts and units that is worn or damaged, elimination of which is technically possible and economically feasible.
  • Start-up and commissioning to the Customer.


The renovation of the equipment with full or partial replacement of components, mechanical and electrical parts enhances its reliability, performance and extends its service life.

Additionally, we offer:

Warranty and post-warranty maintenance (with making contract for service maintenance) that includes routine maintenance, minor maintenance, setting up the equipment. 


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