The proposed heat recovery system makes it possible to use the heat from whey pumped from cheese-making boilers and the cold from milk that is sent for cheese-making in the plant-wide scale.

The system consists of two tanks, one of which accumulates heat, the second - cold. To heat milk before feeding it into the cheese-making boilers there is used warm of water which is taken in the first section of whey cooler. Two heat exchangers are used in the water circulation circuit.

The first heat exchanger provides start for water cooling in the first section of the cooler and during operation provides the constant temperature of cooling water.

The second heat exchanger provides start for coolant heating and during operation provides support of the required temperature for heating milk to the set temperature (32-34 °С).

The system automatically supports the set temperature.

The economic benefit of the introduction of the heat recovery scheme allows getting payback in the period of not more than one year.


At accepting 300 tons of milk per day the application of the proposed heat recovery scheme allows:

  • save heat from whey in the amount of up to 215 kW/hour;
  • save the cold from milk in the amount of up to 400 kW/hour.


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