Milk clarification separator is designed for centrifugal clarifying of milk from mechanical impurities and particles of bacterial origin - spore-forming bacteria, slime, clots of milk, epithelium and somatic cells.

This group of separators includes separators of protein from whey, separators for dewatering curd clot and bacterial separator.

At the stage of acceptance and storage of milk (without heating) the usage of clarification separator allows reducing common bacterial contamination in 3-4 times that ensure transfer of raw milk of 2 and 3 group of mechanical contamination into 1 group.

At the stage of intermediate storage it enables a longer preservation of quality and heat stability of milk.

According to design peculiarities separators are divided:

  • Open - input of milk and output of its fractions are not hermetically sealed and are in contact with the ambient air.
  • Semi-closed – input of milk can be open or closed but without pressure, and output of product is closed, under the pressure generated in the separator.
  • Closed – input of milk, separation into fractions and their output are hermetically sealed, milk intake and discharge of fractions are carried out under pressure.


According to the method of removal of sediments from the drum:

  • with manual discharge of sediment after a complete stop and disassembly of the drum;
  • with centrifugal periodic;
  • continuous discharge during continuous operation of the separator.


The main parts of the separator:

  • base frame in the form of a bowl;
  • drum;
  • delivery mechanism;
  • drive mechanism.


Clarification separator can operate on cold and heated milk, be included in the pasteurization and cooling plant, CIP system, be equipped with a software device to install the operating cycles and cleaning cycles, with digital display for speed visualization, time of operation and cleaning of the separator.

Control of the separator operation, discharge and cleaning can be carried out in automatic mode.

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