The vacuum cooling plant is designed for flash cooling of whey after the condensation process in the evaporator. The cooling process occurs due to adiabatic boiling of the whey concentrate throughout the volume. It is carried out by means of a single cooling cycle. The process takes place at pressure below atmospheric pressure. The pressure required the plant operation is created and maintained by a vacuum pump and the secondary steam concentration on the surface of the tubular condenser. The condensate from the condenser is pumped out of the system by the condensate pump. The cooled product from the cooler is sent by the product pump for further processing. The vacuum cooler is equipped with the spray head. The whole system is mounted on a frame.





The material for the production of plant - stainless steel AISI 304

Capacity by concentrate – up to 3-5-7 m3 / h

Range of concentrate cooling - 50 ° - 33 ° C

The temperature of circulating water, not more than - 25 ° C

Consumption of circulating water - 9 m3 / h

Installed power - 7.5 kW


Structure of the plant:

  • Cooler;
  • Surface condenser;
  • Vacuum pump;
  • Product pump;
  • A set of pipes, valves, etc .;
  • Automatic devices and electronics.



  • flash cooling of whey concentrate to the temperature of mass crystallization of lactose;
  • cooling without using artificial cold;
  • impossibility of forming of large lactose crystals on the cooling surfaces;
  • nucleation of a large number of small crystals in the bulk of whey concentrate that is a prerequisite for further qualitative crystallization.


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