EVASYS® Vacuum Evaporators are designed to thicken various products. The following are the main industries and types of processed products.


Dairy products   Whole and skimmed milk, condensed milk, whey and whey derivates, buttermilk proteins, lactose solutions, lactic acid
Sugar   Liquid sugar, white refined sugar, sweetwater, inulin
Fruit juices   Orange and other citrus juices, pomaceous juice, red berry juice, tropical fruit juices
Vegetable juices   Beetroot juice, tomato juice, carrot juice
Starch products   Glucose, dextrose, fructose, isomerose, maltose, starch syrup, dextrine
Extracts   Coffee and tea extracts, hop extract, malt extract,  yeast extract, pectin, meat and bone extract
Protein solution   Soya whey, nutrient yeast and fodder yeast, whole egg
Beer   De­alcoholized beer, wort
Hydrolisate   Whey hydrolisate, soup seasoning, protein hydrolisate


Organic acids   Ascorbic acid, citric acid
Inorganic acids   Phosphoric acid, nitric acid
Caustic solutions   Caustic soda solution, caustic potash solution
Saline solutions   Ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, sodium sulphate
Alcohol   Methanol, ethanol, glycerine, glycol, isopropanol
Pharmaceutical   Enzymes, antibiotics, drug extracts, sugar substitutes, sorbitol, sorbose and gluconate
Organic products   Aromatic compounds, acetone, caprolactam water, synthetic glue, aromas
Amines   Urea, diethyl amine
Suspensions   Kaolin, calcium carbonate
Waste water   Process waste water, wash and rinsing water, oil  emulsions, etc.


Glue and gelatine   Technical gelatine, edible gelatine, leather glue and bone glue
Stick water   Slaughterhouse waste water, fish stick water, fruit peel press water, beet chips, fibre press water, fibreboard
Extracts   Tanning extract
Fermentation broth   Glutamate, lysine, betain
Emulsions   Miscella
Blood   Whole blood, blood plasma
Organic waste water   Wash water, wheat and potato starch effluents, manure
Stillage   Whisky, corn, yeast, potato stillages, vinasses
Steep water   Corn steep water, sorghum steep water

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