The heat generator is a recuperative heat exchanger with a blasting gas burner and a fan feeding heated air. Heat from the products of natural gas combustion is passed to the air via heat exchanger surfaces. The flue gases and heated air move forced and pressurized that is generated respectively by the burner fan and feeding fan.

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The heat generator is counterflow air heater that provides heating of the air stream to a temperature of 200 ± 10 ° C which is used as a process heat carrier in the technological production processes of the food and other industries, including spray drying plants of milk processing factories.

Using in the construction of the heat generator the separate paths of combustion products (natural gas) and heated air at high performance factor (93%) allows using of heat generator in technological processes with high requirements to the heated air purity.

The company currently produces heat generators in two versions: TG-0,95-200 and TG-1,9-200.


TG-0,95(1,9)-200. Technical characteristics.
The name of indicators TG-0,95-200 TG-1,9-200
Power, kW 350-1200 1450-2400
Air heating, °C 0 до 200 0 до 200
Volume of heated air, m3 ± 10% 24000 48000
Weight, kg 3100 4600
Air resistance, Pa 2000 2000
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than:


Fan Reitz МХЕ025-031515 МХЕ031-056515


Benefits of using heat generator:

  • Increase of drying plant productivity by increasing the temperature of the drying air.
  • Energy savings 25-30% for drying 1 kg of the finished product (heater performance factor -70-80%; heat generator performance factor - 91-93%).
  • Reduce of fuel consumption (less than 250 grams of standard fuel per 1 kg of the finished product).
  • The drying agent has always a stable temperature, which ensures high quality of the finished product.


The heat generator is made of heat-resistant stainless steel. It consists of a combustion chamber, a turning chamber, two successive heat exchangers, air distribution system.


The set includes:

  • heat heater;
  • burner weishaupt;
  • automation system of the burner and the heat generator.


Additionally can be supplied:

  • insert with a slide valve for adjusting the hot air flow with a remote control;
  • chimney flue (made of stainless steel and insulated with a casing made of stainless steel).


The heat generator and burner automation system maintains at the set level the output air temperature, the ratio of gas - air as well as the heat generator protection and the termination of the gas supply in case of failure of power supply, protection circuit failure, failure of the valve for the combined gas unit and in case of achieving limit values of one of the parameters.

Air supplied to the heat generator is purified by filters, the primary rough cleaning is carried out on the filters of panel or pocket type with filtration efficiency of 40-45% cleaning of atmospheric dust type G4, installed in a stainless steel frame, then air is cleaned on the filters with filtration efficiency up to 85-90% of type F7.


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