Truck tipper RAG-65 is stationary, hydraulic, with two platforms of travel type. It is designed for unloading of bulk cargoes (such as grain, root crops, apples and other bulk cargoes, angle of repose of which does not exceed 38º) from drop-side trucks and tractors with semi-trailers of type KAMAZ and similar with total weight (with cargo) up to 80 t through the open rear side on the longitudinal tipping platform as well as for unloading articulated lorries and tractor-trailer trains with trailers with weight up to 32 t without uncoupling through the side flap on the side tipping platform. You can see pictures in Gallery and video at our channel

Truck tipper RAG-65 has been produced by PSC “Kalinovskiy machine building plant” since 1998. The company is engaged in the manufacture of equipment for mechanization of loading-unloading operations in storage-retrieval works since 1956. Since that time the gross weight of the unloaded trucks has risen from 8 to 80 tons. Truck tippers RAG-65 are characterized by high operational reliability and productivity in comparison with similar machines. Technical experts of customers prefer truck tippers RAG-65. Our partners from Poland and Moldova has made their choice in favor of truck tippers RAG-65 and use them to unload trucks with apples, beets, carrots, potatoes and other bulk cargoes.

At the moment 168 truck tippers have been supplied in different regions of Ukraine and abroad. Reference list of supply of truck tippers can be viewed here.

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The result of the reconstruction of platforms of truck tippers GUAR-15, GUAR-30 is provision of unloading of semi-trailer long-wheelbase trucks of type KAMAZ-5412 + OdAZ-9380, MAZ-6422 + MAZ-9398 (MAZ-54323 + MAZ-9758) with total weight of up to 45 t. the Reconstruction is carried out by replacing the existing hydraulic lift to more powerful one and by extending tipping platform by 3-4 m and increasing the lifting capacity up to 40 tons. Upon customer request, a new oil-pumping station can be supplied. To see pictures and video, go to Gallery.

Upon customer request, a representative of service provider may visit the site to determine technical solutions for the reconstruction as well as to carry out supervision.

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