In order to reduce the consumption of steam for hydrothermal processing of the dough pieces and thermal power in the oven A2-KHPK the steam generator integrated in the construction of the oven is provided. Produced in it steam by its properties meets the requirements of the technological parameters of hydrothermal processing of the dough pieces that allows reducing its consumption for steam humidification. So, when baking long loaves from high-grade flour, it is consumed usually up to 220 kg of steam per ton of product for hydrothermal treatment in tunnel bakery ovens and up to 400 kg of steam in furnaces with a dead-end baking chamber and up to 120 kg of steam per ton of product in ovens A2-KHPK.

The steam generator is equipped with automatic regulation of its operation which allows maintaining an optimal mode of operation of units for steam production. The excess steam is not emitted in the atmosphere (as it happens in some ovens that used to generate steam in steam generators located on the burner handle) as the oven control system eliminates the occurrence of such excess and hence the occurrence of unnecessary heat loss.

Consistently high quality of baked products is ensured by the stability of the pressure and temperature of steam supplied from the steam generator into the oven and the proofer (fluctuations less than ±2.5% of set pressure of steam (of temperature ±1 degree.)

PSC “Kalinovskiy machine building plant” also produces steam generators for ovens of various designs, including existing ovens of type BN, PPP, PPTS, GOSTOL, MINEL, SHMZ.


Installation of steam generator on ovens PPTS, PPP, GOSTOL, BN-50, SHMZ

Установка парогенератора на печах ППЦ, ППП, Гостол, БН-50, ШМЗ  

Installation of steam generator on the oven А2-KHPK

 Установка парогенератора на печи А2-ХПК  

Water used to power the steam generator is preheated by exit flue gases of the oven in heat recovery units installed on the flue stack of the oven. The steam generator is installed in the second furnace unit. It produces required quantity of steam, which is set by the regulating device on the steam generator control panel. The quantity of extracted gases is automatically regulated by a valve in the steam generator depending on the pressure of the generated steam. 

Built-in steam generator
Встроенный парогенератор

Water supply to the steam generator and its level is controlled by the automation system. A blow-off valve is used to remove the sludge at the bottom of the steam generator and a hatch is used for periodic cleaning. Depending on the capacity of ovens there are several types of steam generators

The expression “bakery without boiler room” becomes true! PSC “Kalinovskiy mashzavod” produces steam generators that allow providing the manufacturing workshop with steam of its own production. Tunnel ovens A2-KHPK produced by Kalinovskiy mashzavod are equipped with such steam generators, but they also are easily installed on ovens of other manufacturers. Installed on the ovens steam generators are then combined in intradepartmental network that operates in automatic mode providing all consumers, including owners, with steam of stable quality. Control and monitoring of the network operation can be made from a single control panel as well as by telemetry. Since as with this diagram the transport of steam is on the minimum distances and there is no need to overheat it, decreases the quantity of condensate, which saves power. And non-use of boilers allows saving rather substantial money. 


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