We produce heating equipment including pasteurizing and cooling plants POU-KMZ on basis of heat exchangers, centrifugal pumps, valves made by the worldwide leaders in this industry such as AlfaLaval, APV, GEA, Inoxpa and others.

Design and manufacture of the POU-KMZ meets the requirements of EU Directive №92 / 46 / EU

The calculation and choice of heat exchangers, pump and other components are made by means of specialized programs by experienced specialists of the company under the control of the company AlfaLaval.

The program of the heat exchanger calculation allows choosing the required size, number and type of plates, defining the inputs and outputs of the product, hot water and ice-water.

Depending on the set resistance of the heat exchanger pumps are selected considering the need to support the high pressure after the section of pasteurization.

Typical solutions and objectives:

  • Plate coolers of milk, whey, cream;
  • pasteurizing and cooling plant for milk, whey, cream;
  • plants for thermization;
  • repasteurizer;
  • heat recovery systems;


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Pasteurizing and cooling plant is used for pasteurization and subsequent cooling of the liquid foods in a closed continuous flow with automatic control of the process, ensuring high sanitary and hygienic conditions of production.

Pasteurization is carried out to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms; its efficiency depends on the temperature and period of the product heating.

There are different modes of pasteurization for various kinds of dairy products that are determined by elimination of microflora and processing properties a dairy product must have.

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Special unit designed for quick lowering of the temperature of the cooled liquid in order to suppress the growth of microflora therein for the following storage, transportation, before further processing.

Coolers are used on livestock farms, milk receiving stations, milk processing plants.

Cooling of the fluid is carried out in the insulated continuous thin-layer flow with using coolant - ice water.

Coolers may have different parameters by capacity and cooling temperatures. Heat exchange occurs via the transfer of heat from the product through the plate to the ice water.

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