Crystallizer may consist of one or more tanks controlled autonomously. The crystallizer is an isolated tank equipped with a special jacket and an agitator of special design due to which the lactose crystals are held in suspension state during the entire process. As the drive of the frame agitator the gear motor is used the motor of which is connected via the frequency converter that controls the agitator rotation speed and provides its reverse.

Design and operation of the crystallizer

The plant consists of crystallizers (in the desired quantity), the tank with return ice water and pipe works. It works in sequence: Vacuum evaporator - Vacuum cooling station, crystallizer and drying plant tanks.

Condensed to the required concentration whey from the vacuum evaporator goes into the vacuum cooling station where it is cooled and goes into the crystallizer. The vacuum cooling station operates simultaneously with the vacuum evaporator; the crystallizers are filled alternatively in controlled time.

20141111 121258 Whey crystallization is carried out in accordance with the technological instructions by filling the plant with the product, adding the required quantity of seeding agents - as centers of primary crystallization (prepared milk sugar) and uniform cooling with constant reversible stirring. Cooling mixture goes in a closed circuit in the jacket of the crystallizer by means of a circulating pump. Supporting the temperature of the circulating water is performed by adding ice water and draining the same amount of hot water to the drain. The required difference between the temperature of the product in the crystallizer and the cooling water is supported.

System of whey concentrate cooling is based on the principle of mixing a coolant that circulates in the jacket of the crystallizer with the required amount of ice-water that is fed from a factory cooling system at the command of the controller. Excess of water is drained through a balance vessel into the factory cooling system. The tanks are connected to CIP station via a separate distribution panel.

Technical characteristics of the crystallizer with capacity 10 m3
Parameter Value
Capacity, not less than  8 m3 for 10 h
Cooling of whey  from 33°С to 15°С
Required cooling efficiency 13,9 kW
Agitator rotation speed 16 rpm
Jacket water temperature  27,2°С
Water consumption 10,85 m3/h
Volume of crystallizer 10 m3
Weight 2775 kg
Height 4800 mm
Diameter 2194 mm













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