Deaerators are used for purification of various fluids from the present undesired gaseous impurities such as removal of coarse taste from milk and cream. Milk in the ordinary state contains up to 6% of volume of undesired gases.

Deaerator is based on the vacuum principle of separation of air. More effective deaeration process takes place at the temperature of about 680С. After deaerating milk are stored longer and easier folds with the addition of starter cultures that is very important in the production of kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk. Dairy products made from degassed milk stay fresh and homogeneous longer.

As the temperature increases at the pasteurization of milk, the dissolved air enters the dispersed state that causes the following problems:

  1. The inaccuracy in measuring of the volume of liquid
  2. Burning to the heating surfaces of the pasteurizer
  3. Reduction of defatting grade
  4. Reduction in the accuracy of the normalization
  5. The concentration of air in the cream:
  • Inaccuracy in the normalization of fat
  • Burning of cream to the heating surfaces
  • Prematurechurning and as a result - losses at the production of butter
  • Adhesion of fat in the upper part of the packages
  • Separation of whey in fermented dairy products.


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