• Technological design of complete sets of equipment, production lines, shops for processing of milk and different types of whey.
  • Provision of comprehensive technical and technological support in the reconstruction, expansion or modernization of existing facilities.


Technological project is being prepared with considering the requirements of the customer, based on information about the primary raw product, the finished product and the requirements to it, volumes for processing, available equipment that may be involved in the process.

Preference is given to the application of the latest technical and technological achievements in the field of milk processing, technology of waste-free processing of raw product, equipment and processes with low energy consumption that allows achieving the highest profitability.

The proposed design solutions are aimed at implementation of various technologies for the production of dairy products and products based on them, technologies of sanitizing of equipment taking into account the requirements of HACCP and EU Directives, as well as the optimization of production and technological processes.

During the design process in parallel with the development of the technological part of the project we focus on the automation of carrying out technological processes taking into account the structural features of the equipment.

The project includes the following sections:

  • Analysis of the existing facilities (if any).
  • In-depth development of technologies.
  • Private diagrams of product output.
  • Development of the block diagram of the factory.
  • Product valuation.
  • Choice of equipment and justifications.
  • Specification of technological equipment.
  • Development of process flow diagram.
  • Technological process chart.
  • Technological process description.
  • Plan of the premises.
  • Layout of equipment.
  • Plan of binding of the process equipment with pipelines of service media (heat carrier, coolant, cold and hot water, compressed air).
  • Plan of binding with process pipelines and pipeline of cleaning solutions in 3D model.
  • Sanitization of process equipment.
  • Data on water consumption and water discharge for production equipment.


Design of the technological project allows organizing interaction of designers engineers of the, equipment, process engineers and programmers in order to define terms of production and completing of technological equipment and allows the customer to determine the order and timing of construction and installation works on the project.

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