We perform works on design and implementation of automated process control systems (APCS) of any level of complexity and functionality, of systems for monitoring and recording of parameters of technological processes that allow keeping the timeline of all processes for further analysis and monitoring the implementation of process flow diagrams in production by staff.

An automated process control system (APCS) is a set of devices and software designed to monitor and maintain the required parameters of technological processes.

We offer solutions for automation of all production processes or some of its sections.

It is possible to carry out gradual automation of individual, disconnected processes in order to unite them further in a common automated control system.

When designing automation systems, we use equipment, HMI systems, SCADA systems software (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) of different manufacturers.

Automated process control systems (APCS) is the basis of successful development of modern enterprise and one of the main ways to optimize production processes and reduce production costs. The application of technologies on the basis of modern electronics allows improving significantly the quality, competitiveness; reducing power consumption, production costs, number of staff and impact of the human factor and increasing production output that will enable the company to develop new markets, respond more quickly to changes in demand, change the production technology with minimal cost.

The main functions of APCS:

  • process control;
  • parameters regulation;
  • process logic control;
  • provision of safety of production;
  • control of alarm messages and alarm signals in automatic or manual modes of APCS;
  • processing and display of information on the processes progress in real time on the operator’s monitor (monitors);
  • provision of connection with external applications (networks);
  • recording and archiving of the database of technological processes with the possibility of further viewing for any period of time in an easy format for reading and comparing;
  • generation of reports on the technological processes for any period of time.


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