The workshops of the machine building plant are located in the center of Kalynivka, Vinnitsa region, Podolia.

The plant was founded on the basis of the artisanal workshops of the former sugar factory built in 1873 by the owner of the Kalinovskiy estate Ludwig Valkoviy and shareholders brothers Zaytsev and L.F. Frankel.

After having decided in 1934 it to be inexpedient to commission the inactive sugar factory, the machine-tractor workshop was founded on its basis, the staff of which were engaged in repair and manufacturing of equipment for sugar factories, repair of tractors, seed drills, grinders, plows and other agricultural machines.

The pre-war period of the staff work is characterized by a rise in work experience. The workers studied, mastered new equipment, professional workers trained the young ones. In order to assist in the development of collective farms, the villages around the town Salnik, Pavlovka, Kurovoe, Medvedka were assigned to the workshops. The community center had a library, amateur-talent interest groups.

In 1935 the first top performers (Stakhanovites) became fitters of labor dynasties: F.A. Meinhard, I.F. Meinhard, S.F. Meinhard; M.D. Matejko, M.A. Ozherovskiy, turners A. Drobovich, B. Andrievsky; molder N.P. Kulinich.

img26 1956

In 1938, the staff illiteracy was eliminated.

Directors of the plant before the Great Patriotic War:

M.M. Zamovskiy - 1934-1936

A.S. Polisada - 1936-1937

M.O. Lozinskiy - 1937-1939

B.F. Kolyas - 1939-1941


In 1940 the workshops have fulfilled the planned tasks ahead of schedule and produced products for the amount of 397 thousand rubles. The staff of the workshops consisted of 51 persons.


On June 22, 1941 the peaceful labor of Soviet people was interrupted by the invasion of Nazi Germany. Most of the workshop workers went to the front and most of them were killed during the war.

According to the Order issued by People's Commissariat of Food Industry of the USSR №53 dd. 13.01.1945 Kalinovskiy MRM became subordinate to Vinnitsa group of sugar factories and renamed in Kalinovskiy locomotive-repair shop (PRM) of the group “Ukrsakharremsnab”.

img22 1955

State appropriations for the renovation and construction of new workshops were 2.9 million rubles, and for training staff - 96 thousand rubles.

The staff of PRM in 1950 mastered the repair of locomotives.

Over the years of the 5th 5-year plan the staff of the workshop built on their own and commissioned the steam power plant with capacity 500 kW, the locomotive shop, tool and grid-weaving shops, reconstructed foundry, boiler, mechanical and assembly workshop.

The labor collective had quickly mastered the production of new types of equipment for sugar factories. It began to produce screw equipment, condensers, valves of Nogachevskiy, equipment for separation shops and other, performed repairs of motors. The staff was replenished with graduates of schools and colleges; at the end of 1955 the number of employees reached 332 persons.

During these years residential and social construction had been developed: there were constructed two 4-apartment houses, canteen and administration premises, the water well, construction of recreation center and dormitories was begun. 

img21 1955

In June 1955 due to results achieved by Kalinovskiy PRM by the order of the Ministry of food industry of the USSR was renamed in Kalinovskiy machinery and repair plant for production and repair of processing and transportation equipment for the sugar industry.

“Glavsakhar” and STC for the food industry of the USSR announced a competition across the country for the best sample of the design of machines for mechanization of unloading and stacking beetroots in piles. The best sample appeared to be the machine “Gonta” designed by “Ukrgiprosakhar” which produced by the staff of Kalinovskiy machinery and repair plant in July 1957.

img25 1962

In August 1958 taking into account the production outputs of Kalinovskiy machinery and repair plant, it was founded Kalinovskiy machine building plant subordinated to Department of engineering and energy of Vinnytsia Council of National Economy, and eventually became of union subordination and was the only plant in the USSR that produced pile-forming machines.

According to the projects of Ukrgiprosakhar, VNIISP, the plant produced 67 modifications and designs of pile-forming machine that provided full mechanization of the process of rapid unloading, final cleaning and stacking in piles of beetroots, and this, in its turn, significantly increased the production of sugar at the sugar factories.

Simultaneously with the production of pile-forming machines, the plant staff worked on designing and development of equipment for mechanization of cargo handling operations (stackers, wagon loaders), - equipment for the canned food and dairy industries (drying plant - for production of milk powder A1-ORZ A1-ОR2CH and A1-ARS for drying of egg melange and protein concentrates, tunnel pasteurizers for the preservation of grape juice), plants for production of grass meal AVM-0,4 and AVM-0,65, - fertilizer distributors, sugar loaders SNT-2, 2B, a line for production of cardboard and metal containers, units for covering piles and lime-gas furnace, feed mixers; bulk sugar trucks, potash miner A1-AKS, electrically driven pumps, tanks for storage juices A9-KES, A9-KEN; set of equipment for the processing of carrots, onions, zucchini, pumpkins, and eggplant, the production of consumer goods was rapidly developed (rot cutters, autoclaves, mills, concrete mixers, metal cabinets, training equipment, etc.).

img28 1984

In 1981 the 16th department of the Institute “Ukrniiprodmash” began to work at the plant. The number of employees was approaching 3 thousand workers, the Director at that time was Vladimir Semenovich Ganzha.

Since 1983 the vocational school began to function at the plant (now PTU-21).

On the basis of the machine-building plant in 1986 it was founded Production Association “Pishchemash” subordinated to the Ministry of machine building for consumer goods and foods inductries of the USSR, the director of which was Alexander Mikhailovich Plakhotnyi until 1999.

Since 15.03.1996 Kalinovskiy PA “Pishchemash” was renamed in JSC “Kalinovskiy plant”.

In May 1998 it was founded CJSC “Kalinovskiy” which is transformed to LLC “Kalinovskiy”, the Director of which was Vasiliy Mefodievich Oleinik from 01.12.1999 till 01.03.2001.

In 2001 LLC “Kalinovskiy” was reorganized into CJSC “Kalinovskiy plant”, the Director of which was Viktor Nikolaevich Ulyanenko from 11.05.2001 till 14.11.2005.

Since January 18, 2006 the Director of CJSC “Kalinovskiy machine building plant” (on 01.06.2011 it was renamed in PSC “Kalinovskiy machine building plant”) to the present time is Anatoliy Vasilyevich Ostapenko.

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