Pasteurizing and cooling plant is used for pasteurization and subsequent cooling of the liquid foods in a closed continuous flow with automatic control of the process, ensuring high sanitary and hygienic conditions of production.

Pasteurization is carried out to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms; its efficiency depends on the temperature and period of the product heating.

There are different modes of pasteurization for various kinds of dairy products that are determined by elimination of microflora and processing properties a dairy product must have.

Main components:

  • plate heat exchanger (consists of sections: regeneration I, regeneration II, pasteurization, cooling)
  • the system of hot water preparation
  • receiving tank
  • control panel
  • holding tube
  • product pump
  • set of connecting piping and valves
  • set of control and regulating devices


Advantages of using plate heat exchangers:

  • low power consumption
  • high efficiency of product processing
  • compact overall dimensions
  • possibility of inclusion of separator and homogenizer in the system
  • automatic control and regulation of the process of pasteurization
  • return of the product to overpasteurization in the case of decrease in temperature of pasteurization, possibility to connect to CIP-station.

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