Spray drying plant A1-OR2CH is designed for drying the concentrated skim and whole milk, natural cream and cream with the content of natural vegetable fat, substitutes of whole milk, milk and milk-containing formula - with a fat content up to 50%, and the concentrated cheese, curd and casein whey, for drying melange, blood and yeast.

The plant can be used at enterprises of milk, butter-making, cheese-making and other sectors, is manufactured in accordance with the principles of HACCP.

The plant A1-OR2CH is concurrent spray dryer with centrifugal rotary spraying, upper feeding of the heat carrier, vertical cylindrical chamber and the bottom of the fluidized bed of the product with the following cooling in the vibrating cooler. Air heating is carried out by the heat generator (air heater). Separation of the powder product is in cyclones and/or cleaning system with fabric filters.

Depending on the preferences of the customer, the type and quantity of the processed product the drying plant can be made one, two or three-stage, with different capacity, equipped with one or a row of cyclones, the system of fabric filtration, the system of automated CIP cleaning (drying chamber, air feed pipes, cyclones, pneumatic transport and other units), heat generator or air heater, different level of automation.

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Fabric filters belong to dust control equipment of "dry" type and is one of the most effective types of purification of air with dust high content. Usage of fabric filters is primarily connected with strengthening of the requirements for environmental protection as well as it allows reducing the loss of the finished product with the air outgoing from the drying plant.

Fabric filters in the spray drying plant serve for cleaning or post-treatment of air after the cyclone cleaning. Sanitary norms of the powder concentration in the exhausted air - 10 mg / m3.

The principle of the fabric filter operation is based on dust collection by filter cloth while dust air passes through it.

The filtered powder returns into the production run.

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The line is designed for dosing and packaging of fine powder product (whey powder, milk powder (whole, skim), buttermilk powder, etc.) into consumer packaging in semi-automatic mode with capacity 2000 kg/hour, weight of portions from 10 to 30 kg.

Paper bags with open mouth, up to 4 layers with a polyethylene liner or polyethylene coating are used as a packaging material.

Size of bags: width – 480-550 mm, length of 600-950 mm (or other sizes on Customer request).

Method of closing: sealing of inner plastic layer and sewing with crepe paper band.

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