Special unit designed for quick lowering of the temperature of the cooled liquid in order to suppress the growth of microflora therein for the following storage, transportation, before further processing.

Coolers are used on livestock farms, milk receiving stations, milk processing plants.

Cooling of the fluid is carried out in the insulated continuous thin-layer flow with using coolant - ice water.

Coolers may have different parameters by capacity and cooling temperatures. Heat exchange occurs via the transfer of heat from the product through the plate to the ice water.

The cooler is the heat exchanger with the set of special section plates separated by rubber gaskets. Section of the plates is selected in such way that on the one side it forms a cavity through which the cooled fluid passes and on the other side - cooling water and the flows move towards each other. Pipes are connected to the heat exchanger where devices on monitoring the temperature and pressure are installed. The cooler may consist of one or several sections with different number of plates.

Capacity of the heat exchanger depends on the number of plates and is selected on the basis of the volume of the liquid that requires cooling.

As the coolant the ordinary cold water can be used that allows quick lowering of the temperature of the cooled fluid to the temperature of water with low costs and without the use of refrigeration units.

Benefits of the plate coolers:

  • great performance
  • compact dimensions
  • possibility to operate with the continuous flow of liquid.

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