Cream powder is a nutrition product obtained from cow whole milk which consists of milk fat and has a specific taste, smell, have good solubility. Except for milk fat the cream contains milk proteins, lactose, phosphatides, vitamins and minerals.

The composition of the cream powder:

Moisture content: not more than 4% in vacuum package, no more than 7% in non-vacuum package

Fat content - not less than 44%.

Acidity of reconstituted cream with mass fraction of solids of 14-17% should be not more than 70 °T.

Solubility index for the prime grade - 0.2 cm3, for the first grade - 0.6 cm3.

Technological process of cream powder production:

Technological process of cream powder production is similar to the technological process of whole milk powder production.

The acidity of cream sent for the production of cream powder should not exceed 20°T. When regulating composition whole milk may be used as raw product to which cream is added until getting the ratio of the mass fraction of fat to skim solids - 0.8055.

  • Pasteurization of normalized formula at the temperature of 85-87°C without aging
  • Condensation to mass fraction of solids 42-46%
  • Homogenisation at the pressure of 5-6 MPa and the temperature of 55-60 ° C. To prevent increase of viscosity of condensed normalized homogenized formula it can be stored before feeding for drying no more than 1 hour.
  • Drying and packaging of the finished product is the same as for whole milk powder.


Cream powder is used mainly in the confectionery industry for making sweet dishes:

  • In the manufacture of ice cream;
  • Coffee drinks;
  • In the manufacture of candies;
  • In the manufacture of creams;
  • The production of dry ice creams etc.


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