Whey protein concentrate is produced from milk whey by treating it by ultrafiltration / diafiltration. During ultrafiltration whey is separated into retentate enriched with whey proteins and ultrafiltrate consisting of water and low molecular substances of whey. Retentate is condensed and dried in the spray drying plant.

Dry WPC typically contain not less than 25% and not more than 80% of proteins.

WPC has emulsifying, water binding, foaming and gelling properties which are explained by the presence of native (non-denaturated) whey proteins.

The main fields of applications of low-protein WPC: bakery products and formula for baking industry, confectionery, dairy, oil and fat industries, dietary products, can be used instead of milk powder in the production of meat, fast food, processed cheese, dairy products, ice cream.

Application of high-protein concentrates: in the industry of sports nutrition (protein formula for athletes) and in manufacture of food products enriched with protein, calcium (500-600 mg/100g).

The production technology comprises the following steps: collecting of whey, separation of fat and casein dust, pasteurization and cooling, ultrafiltration, drying, packaging and storage.

Ultrafiltration is carried out to the content of solids in the concentrate up to 22-28%.

The temperature of the whey during processing is 8-10 or 50-55 °С depending on the selected temperature mode of ultrafiltration. The process is conducted in a continuous manner.

For a more complete removal of lactose and mineral components from the concentrate diafiltration is carried out. For this the concentrate is diluted with prepared water, the ratio depends on the parameters of raw product.

Additional condensation after ultrafiltration is not carried out.

The resulting protein concentrate after ultrafiltration with the temperature 50-55 °С goes to the receiving tank of the drying plant from where is sent to the atomizer of the drying chamber. Temperature of the air at the inlet of the drying tower is 160-170 °С, at the outlet of the drying chamber 80-85 °С.

Feature of whey protein concentrate powder is small bulk density of the product - about 0.35 kg/dm3. When using the cyclone cleaning in the drying plant the large losses of costly product with exhaust air are observed. In order to minimize losses the system of fabric filters is used in the drying plant.

Storage of dry whey protein concentrate is carried out at the temperature of 100 °C, no more than 6 months from the date of manufacture.

The finished whey protein concentrate is a homogeneous fine powder of white to cream color with specific whey slightly sweet taste without foreign flavors.

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