Whey protein concentrate (WPC) possesses functional and health-promoting properties. Its biological value is higher than that of other proteins. The product has high content of essential amino acids that promote synthesis of muscle protein. The basis of WPC consists of whey proteins: Beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, albumin of blood serum, immunoglobulins and components of proteos-peptone fraction.

Whey protein concentrate obtained by ultrafiltration - "WPC-UF" - can be used as an additive for the production of nutritional products and baby foods. Whey protein concentrate - " WPC-UF " is produced from milk cheese whey by concentrating of whey proteins using the method of ultrafiltration. Milk whey is divided into two products: liquid whey protein concentrate WPC-UF and filtrate containing mainly lactose, and small amounts of mineral salts, nonprotein nitrogen.

Using diafiltration WPC is obtained in which the ratio of protein to the solids is 80%.

The storage rtime of the liquid concentrate at the temperature no higher than 8-10 °С and relative humidity of 85% is not more than three days from the date of manufacture.

The combination of membrane methods of processing raw milk allows obtaining milk protein concentrates with the desired properties, carbohydrate and mineral composition.

Using the scheme: Ultrafiltration - Diafiltration - Electrodialysis it is possible to produce concentrates containing 90 - 95% or more of whey proteins with a minimum content of lactose (0.5%), minerals (<0.3%). The use of membrane methods allows selecting whey proteins in native form without the use of chemical reagents and other ancillary expensive materials.

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